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Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/06/2022  
Submitted By: Steve Sanders, Director
Department: Public Works Division: Administration

Accept Quit Claim Deeds from the Randall and Fuller Families for a strip of land in Pine, AZ. known locally as “The Lane”.
Background Information
This strip of land known as "The Lane" extends from SR 87 on the north end to Hardscrabble Mesa Road on the south end. The portion between SR 87 and Randall Drive is undeveloped vacant land. The portion between Randall Drive adjacent to the Pine Strawberry school is paved and used to access the school from the east. The remaining portion from the school to Hardscrabble Mesa Road is undeveloped land.

Research indicates Ruth Randall and Revilo Fuller received patents from the U.S. Government to this land and adjoining land in 1910. Over time the adjoining property was sold except for The Lane. Heirs of Ruth Randall and Revilo Fuller were contacted, and they agreed to Quit Claim the property to Gila County.

It is believed that the reason The Lane property was never sold was to ensure that ranchers in the area had a livestock driveway for their cattle after the community was developed. Additionally, the northern portion of The Lane was part of the Payson-Flagstaff Highway until in the 1940s the highway was realigned to its current location.
It is in the best interest of everyone for Gila County to accept the quit claim deeds for The Lane. Acquisition of the land will provide Gila County with the opportunity to improve drainage for residents in the area. The Lane will continue to allow for horseback riders, people out walking and hiking to have unobstructed access to The Lane as well as utility providers who desire to maintain and repair their facilities.
Acquiring the land is in the best interest of Gila County.
Public Works Staff recommends the County accept the Quit Claim Deeds from the Randalls and Robert Fuller.
Suggested Motion
Information/Discussion/Action to accept a Quit Claim Deed recorded at Fee No. 2022-010495, Gila County Records from Robert Fuller, and accept a Quit Claim Deed recorded at Fee No. 2022-010496, Gila County Records from Carl D. Randall, Fred M. Randall, George C. Randall, Robert G. Randall, for that property in Pine, AZ. known locally as “The Lane”. (Steve Sanders)

Quit Claim Deed Fuller to Gila County
Quit Claim Deed Randall's to Gila County

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