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  Consent Agenda Item     4. C.    
Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/20/2022  
Submitted For: Steve Sanders Submitted By: Shannon Coons, Fiscal Services Manager
Department: Public Works Division: Auto Shop
Fiscal Year: FY2023 Budgeted?: Yes
Contract Dates
Begin & End:
10/30/2022 to 10/31/2023 Grant?: No
Fund?: Renewal

Approval to renewal software from Agile Fleet, Inc. under Sourcewell Contract No. 020221-AAC
Background Information
General Services currently tracks the maintenance and fuel consumption of approximately 630 pieces of equipment (not all rolling stock). The daily tracking of maintenance is improving our data collection.

The Agile FleetCommander program can provide a lot of vehicle & equipment information with daily input and comprehensive reports.

We are relying on monthly fuel purchases at Gila County depots to capture mileage along with scheduled maintenance intervals. The maintenance must now be timed by monthly schedules and thirty-day-old mileage data rather than relying on current mileage data that used to be provided by GPS. The mileage data is uploaded monthly into FleetCommander by MegaTrak software when fuel billing occurs or when a vehicle obtains maintenance or repair. This may not be ideal for many of the higher utilization vehicles as they regularly accumulate enough miles to require service every 30 days or those that accrue high mileage intermittently due to the nature of their utilization. This is a shortfall of data as a result of GPS data elimination. When utilized with automatically emailed maintenance reminders, GPS would provide real-time mileage data reducing but not eliminating excessive mileage between services. It is still the responsibility of the issued vehicle operator or Department Head to schedule vehicle services and presents a vehicle in a timely manner.
General Services has been able to build comprehensive reports with the Agile FleetCommander program, on the latest vehicle usage and maintenance costs. The mechanic's notes, parts list, and price, mileage, and fuel consumption are among the consistent information in one program.

The utilization of the kiosk system for the motor pool has been helpful in determining which vehicles need to be replaced or reassigned. Motor Pool usage has increased from 2020 and the Agile Kiosk System has proven to be more accurate and efficient utilization than paper methods of tracking. Sharing vehicles through the motor pool will save money for those Departments that don’t require special equipment on the vehicles to do their work. Gila County has 2 kiosks in Globe and 1 in Payson. This makes it easier for those in Payson to obtain a vehicle without having to drive to the Star Valley yard.
Agile FleetCommander software has helped General Services gather the true data of our fleet use and has assisted in reducing our fleet size and maintenance costs. The data shows all of the vehicles not being used to their full potential and how, with a little planning, the sharing of newer vehicles should become the way to do business.

The Sourcewell agreement with Agile Fleet has standard escalators each year of the agreement, and the pricing is based on those escalators. Fleet Management also purchased a new kiosk for the Tommie Martin Cline building so Payson employees can utilize motor pool cars without having to drive to Star Valley.
The Public Works Department Director and the General Services Division Manager recommend that the Board approve the continued use of the Agile Fleet, Inc., for the FleetCommander software program and obtain a discount under the Sourcewell Cooperative Contract No. 020221-AAC for another year.
Suggested Motion
Approval to renew Agile Fleet Inc. Customer Purchase Agreement under Sourcewell Contract No. 020221-AAC in the amount of $53,281.97.

Agile Fleet Contract
Sourcewell-Agile Fleet Contract 020221
Agile Fleet Proposal

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