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  Consent Agenda Item     5. C.    
Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/06/2022  
Submitted For: Steve Sanders Submitted By: Shannon Coons, Fiscal Services Manager
Department: Public Works Division: Recycling & Landfill Management
Fiscal Year: FY2023 Budgeted?: Yes
Contract Dates
Begin & End:
10/15/2022 to 10/22/2024 Grant?: No
Fund?: Renewal

Renewal of Caterpillar Purchase Transaction Agreement No. 3740841 and Contract No. 001-1003263-000 for a used 621G Auger Scraper s/n DBB00293 for the Recycling and Landfill Management Division of Public Works.
Background Information
The Buckhead Mesa Landfill was using a dump truck and loader to carry cover material from the material pit to the working face of the landfill. This was not efficient so the Board of Supervisors approved the Lease Purchase for an auger scraper on October 15, 2019. The first payment was made in October 2019, and the Board approved the renewal in September 2020, and again in October 2021.

This is another request for renewal for September 2022 as the payment is due in October 2022 for the fourth year.
The scraper is working very well, and the Recycle Landfill staff have improved production and feel safer with the efficiency of this machine. The payment will be due again in October 2022 for the fourth year. The Public Works Department Director is submitting this request to the Board for approval. The payment should be the same as last year.
With the increased productivity at the Landfill by this new machine, Public Works management and staff would like to continue this Caterpillar contract.

The Caterpillar Financial proposal will charge 3.85% interest over 48 months. This means that government financing through this method is less expensive than the average bank of 5% interest charge because Caterpillar is taking the hit on the initial depreciation. This year's payment of $84,751.55 is due in October of this year. The final balloon payment will be due in 2023, however, we are not sure when the invoice will be sent.
The Public Works Department Director recommends the renewal of the Caterpillar Financial Contract 001-1003263-000 for the used 621G auger scraper and payment to Caterpillar Financial in October 2022 for the approximate amount of $84,751.55.
Suggested Motion
Approval to renew the Caterpillar Financial Contract 001-1003263-000 for a used 621G Auger Scraper S/N DBB00293 and make the fourth payment of $84,751.55 plus applicable taxes for the Fiscal Year 2023.

Caterpillar Financial Contract 001-1003263-000 Auger Scraper
Caterpillar Contract Summary
Amortization Caterpillar Financial
A.R.S. 11-651 Lease Purchase Statute

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