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Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/06/2022  
Submitted For: Elaine Votruba Submitted By: Elaine Votruba, Public Services Librarian
Department: Deputy County Mgr/Library District Division: Library District
Fiscal Year: 2023 Budgeted?: Yes
Contract Dates
Begin & End:
7/1/2022 to 6/30/2023 Grant?: Yes
Fund?: Renewal

Authorization to submit State Grants-in-Aid Application 2023 for the Gila County Library District.
Background Information
State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) is a recurring grant from the Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records provided to county library districts and large municipal libraries. The funding comes from the State of Arizona to benefit libraries throughout Arizona. This grant money is to be used for programming, supplies, equipment, training, and materials and cannot be used for salaries or as match money for other grants. For FY 2023, the State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) for counties remains the same for a total of $25,000.
The Gila County Library District will be using the State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) 2023 monies to provide training, travel, equipment upgrades, collection development, and provide for special projects throughout the Gila County Library District. We will keep a portion of the funds at the district level, and give a portion of the funds to each of the libraries.


We use these funds in various ways to supplement our services to the seven affiliate and one branch libraries.

Part of State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) funds is earmarked for conferences to encourage networking with other library peers, travel, and training opportunities, both for the district staff, and staff at the seven affiliate and one branch libraries. We will continue to provide materials, (books, and electronic resources) as well as marketing/promotional material for the electronic resources. The District will again bulk purchase Movie Licensing USA for the Affiliate Libraries in order for all to comply with the copyright laws. Additionally, the District will be providing hands-free wireless printing for the affiliate libraries.


Each library in the District will be allocated $2,250 to be spent on programs, projects, or materials that the local librarian has determined is important to them, but that they do not have funds for in their regular budgets. These projects may include computer upgrades, collection development of both print and non-print materials, supplies, equipment, and summer reading supplies. In past years, State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) funds have been used at the local level to provide for special programs, such as guest speakers and workshops in connection with Summer Reading Programs. Since the seven and on branch libraries are vastly different, their needs are also vastly different and varied. In fact, the only common thread is that they all have needs that their regular budgets do not cover.
The State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) grant provides for programming, supplies, training, and equipment that benefit library services in all of Gila County, and it is a valued grant.
The District recommends that the County apply for and accept the State Grants-in-Aid (SGIA) 2023 grant to enhance needed services, materials, resources, and supplies for the library patrons of Gila County.
Suggested Motion
(Motion to adjourn as the Gila County Board of Supervisors and convene as the Gila County Library District Board of Directors.) Information/Discussion/Action to authorize the submission and subsequent acceptance of a State Grants-In-Aid Application by the Gila County Library District to the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, Library Development Division, for the fiscal year 2023 in the amount of $25,000 designated to Gila County for the period July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. (Elaine Votruba)

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