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Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/24/2020  
Submitted For: James Menlove Submitted By: Marian Sheppard, Clerk of the Board
Department: County Manager  

Gila County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mitigation Efforts
Background Information
Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey and President Donald Trump recently declared a state of emergency for the State of Arizona and the United States of America (U.S.).  This action comes as reported cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to increase in Arizona and the U.S. 
Gila County management has been working with the Gila County Health and Emergency Management Department to take measures to mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks in Gila County.  To date there are no known COVID-19 cases in Gila County.

On March 17th, the County initiated a daily conference call for Health and Emergency Management Department staff to provide updates on actions being taken by the state, federal and local governments.  The call includes County department heads, elected officials and other employees; elected officials and management staff from other local governmental entities; first responders; and hospitals.

It is important for the Board of Supervisors and the public to be apprised of all actions being taken to mitigate further COVID-19 outbreaks in Arizona and especially to be informed of those actions being taken at the County level.  It is equally important for employees to receive clear and concise information related to the County's employee leave policy specific to COVID-19.
It is recommended that Gila County Health and Emergency Management Department staff provide information on all measures being taken by the County to mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks to include those measures being taken by the state and federal government; and to receive information on the County's employee leave policy as it relates to COVID-19 issues 
Suggested Motion
Presentation and discussion of information by the Gila County Health and Emergency Management Department on the status and measures being taken to mitigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks in Gila County and Arizona; and presentation and discussion on Gila County employee administrative issues and planning for issues and measures to be implemented in response to the COVID-19 situation.  (James Menlove/Michael O'Driscoll)

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