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  Consent Agenda Item     4. E.    
Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/10/2020  
Submitted By: Melissa Henderson, Deputy Clerk
Department: Clerk of the Board of Supervisors  

Sportsman's Chalet's Application for a Temporary Extension of Premises/Patio Permit.
Background Information
Any establishment that has been issued a liquor license must submit an Application for Extension of Premises/Patio Permit to the local governing body of the city, town or county where the establishment is located. The application can be submitted to temporarily or permanently extend the premises/patio were serving liquor is permitted by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC). The local governing body usually has established internal procedures for review and approval of the application. The DLLC has final approval of all recommendations submitted by the local governing body.

Albert Keehn of Sportsman's Chalet submitted an application to temporarily extend the premises/patio where liquor is permitted to be sold during weekends from April 2, 2020, through June 29, 2020; July 3, 2020, through September 28, 2020; and October 2, 2020, through November 2, 2020.
The application has been reviewed by the Clerk of the Board and by the Building Official of the Community Development Division regarding the proposed extended area for liquor to be served. The application clearly indicates that the extended area will be to include the patio/parking lot and the staff of Sportsman's Chalet will be provided the required training.
This application is ready to be presented to the Board of Supervisors for a decision. The Board's recommendation for approval or disapproval will then be sent to the DLLC for a final decision.
It is recommended that the Board of Supervisors issue an approval recommendation to the DLLC.
Suggested Motion
Approval of the Application for an Extension of Premises/Patio Permit submitted by Albert Keehn to temporarily extend the premises where liquor is permitted to be served at the Sportsman's Chalet located in Strawberry.

Sportsman's Chalet-Application
Sportsman's Chalet-CD Response

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