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Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/10/2020  
Submitted For: Mary Springer Submitted By: Mary Springer, Finance Director
Department: Finance  

Adoption of Resolution No. 20-03-01 supports the application for a pass-through grant on behalf of the Hellsgate Fire District from the Tonto Apache Tribe in the amount of $25,449 for critical hose replacement program for the Fire District.
Background Information
The passage of Proposition 202 by the voters of Arizona in November 2002 set the stage for new gaming compacts between the State and the respective tribes. An important provision of Proposition 202 was the sharing of gaming revenues with the State. A portion of the revenue to be shared can be retained by a tribe and distributed itself. Specifically, Proposition 202 states: "The Tribe shall make twelve percent (12%) of its total annual contribution under Section 12(B) in either or both of the following forms: Distributions to cities, towns, or counties for government services that benefit the general public, including public safety, mitigation of the impacts of gaming, or promotion of commerce and economic development. Deposits to the Commerce and Economic Development Commission Local Communities Fund established by A.R.S. Section 41-1505.12." The Tonto Apache Tribe has opted for option one (above) and therefore distributes these "12 percent" funds directly to cities, towns, or counties through our State Shared Revenue Grants Program. Since the law requires that all funds be distributed to cities, towns, and counties, the other potential grantees are required to cooperate with either a city, town or county entity to receive any grant funding and act as a pass-through for the other agencies. This process is used throughout Arizona with Tribal Governments that choose to directly distribute a portion of their gaming funds. Cities, towns and counties are asked to provide resolutions accepting these grants and acting as pass-through agencies for non-municipal entities that are successful grant recipients. Hellsgate Fire District has applied to the Tonto Apache Tribe for $25,449 for a critical hose replacement program. According to the grant application, a resolution from a county or municipality is required stating proof of support and sponsorship and that the county or municipality will act as a pass-through agency for the grant funds.
Due to the short timeframe in which to submit the grant application, Hellsgate Fire District submitted the grant application to the Tonto Apache Tribe. They have requested this resolution, so they can comply with the grant requirements and the County can receive the grant award on their behalf. The Hellsgate Fire District serves a total of 38 square miles, with the target population of nearly 20,000 local community members and over 100,000 visitors to local forests in the surrounding area. They are situated between the Town of Payson Fire Department and the Christopher-Kohls Fire Department and have automatic aid agreements with both. The critical hose replacement program is essential to have field-ready equipment when needed.
Hellsgate Fire District has a need for funding to support their critical hose replacement program. Hellsgate Fire District received notification on January 29, 2020, that the Tonto Apache Tribe approved their request and asks that the Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution supporting the grant award and act as the pass-through agent on behalf of the Hellsgate Fire District.
Staff recommends adoption of Resolution No. 20-03-01 and acceptance of a pass-through grant on behalf of the Hellsgate Fire District from the Tonto Apache Tribe in the amount of $25,449 for critical hose replacement program for the Hellsgate Fire District.
Suggested Motion
Information/Discussion/Action to adopt Resolution No. 20-03-01 agreeing for Gila County to be the pass-through entity on behalf of the Hellsgate Fire District (District) for a grant awarded to the District by the Tonto Apache Tribe in the amount of $25,449 to be used for the District's Critical Hose Replacement Program. (Mary Springer/John Wisner)

Resolution No. 20-03-01
Grant Application Packet
Tonto Apache Grant Award

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