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  Work Session Item     7. B.    
Regular BOS Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/18/2019  
Submitted By: Kelly Riggs, Information Technology Director
Department: Deputy County Mgr/Library District Division: Information Technology

Proposed new Gila County Information Technology policies.
Background Information
The Information Technology Department has many processes in place to manage and maintain Gila County information systems, but does not have any written policies to guide the effective management of these systems. The development of new information technology policies support the ongoing corrective action plans detailed in the County’s response to security audit findings.  The policies were reviewed and revised as necessary by the County Attorney's Civil Division. The policy committee also reviewed the proposed policies and provided further revisions in May 2019.
The recent financial security audits identified a lack of policies and deficiencies in the existing Gila County's information technology policies.  The corrective action plan detailed to the Auditor General identified creating security policies to provide effective control measures over the County’s information technology processes.
The following new policies need to be adopted by the Board of Supervisors: Policy No. BOS-IT-002-Information Security Access Control; Policy No. BOS-IT-003-Information Security Risk Assessment; and Policy No. BOS-IT-004-Contingency Plan for County Information Systems.
Administration recommends the Board of Supervisors' consideration to adopt new proposed information technology policies (as listed above) at a future Board meeting.
Suggested Motion
Information/Discussion regarding the following proposed new Information Technology policies:  Policy No. BOS-IT-002 - Information Security Access Controls; Policy No. BOS-IT-003 - Information Security Risk Assessment; and Policy No. BOS-IT-004 - Contingency Plan for County Information Systems(Kelly Riggs)

BOS-IT-002 Information Security Access Control
BOS-IT-003 Information Security Risk Assessment
BOS-IT-004 Contingency Plan for County Information Systems

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